That Start Up Show is a live comedy talkshow series which explores the ups, downs, the sinks, the floats, the late bloomers and early risers of the world of startups. Hosted by comedian and media tech commentator Dan Ilic, the series features comedy, banter and rising startups pitching to make it big in Silicon Valley, to those who have already made it big around the world: Alan Noble (Google), Chris Ridd ( Xero), Jodie Fox (Shoes of Prey) Sam McDonagh (AirBnB) with interviews from technology evangelist Robert Scoble, startup thought leader and investor Dave McClure (500 Startups), Reddit Co-Founder Steve Huffman, Justin Kan (Y Combinator) and Tracey Chou (Pinterest).


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Episode 1 Pitch Winner: AUUG

The first winner of the Pitch Down, The AUUG Motion Synth transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a new kind of musical instrument: An expressive controller that lets you play notes via touch and shape their sound through motion.

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