That Startup Show host, Dan Ilic kicks off with the quintessential question: What the *^(*& * is a Start Up? Some say it’s a tech company run from a garage by two teenagers, others say it’s a company capable of fast scale growth, yet other gurus chime in to proclaim “it’s a state of mind” or a “generational philosophy”.

This episode dives deep into definition and beyond with three of the leading lights of the Aussie start up industry: Alan Noble, Google Engineering Director, & Co Founder StartUp AUS, Bronwen Clune, Editor-in-Chief Start Up Smart and Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin CEO of Startup Incubator, Blue Chilli. Resident Techspert, Rambotia Jones chimes in on the shareconomy whilst Girl Geek Academy member and Show Correspondent Lisy Kane gets the scoop from the buzzing live show audience.

Guest Pitchers include:

AUUG Founder, Dr Joshua Young

OUR HOME CEO & Founder, Julian Malseed Harris

BLOODMOON TONIC Founder, Karolina Partyka