This episode’s adventure is into the land of Venture Capital – what is it, where does it come from, how do we get the darn stuff ? Our esteemed panel of judges: Ilya Frolov of Oxygen Ventures and Managing Director and AngelCube Founder – Adrian Stone explain what it’s like to “play god” at the negotiation table.

CEO of Intelligence Bank, Tessa Court gives an insight into being on the other side of the table. Girl Geek Academy member and Correspondent Lisy Kane turns our audience into a sea of investors to play ‘How Did This Get Funded?!’ Finally, resident techspert Rambotia Jones plays with some unusual tech gadgets with Special Guest, Gizmodo Editor Luke Hopewell.

Guest Pitchers include:
RWND/ZARFO CEO & Founder, Andrew Cunningham
ECHO Health CEO & Founder, Alex Haggerty
MINUTELY Lead Software Engineer, Mark Parncutt