This episode looks at the Start Up Lifestyle, and the things that no one wants to admit. The long hours, the stress, the tears and relentless pace can create havoc on relationships, work/life balance for start ups storming to find funding. We also explore the “quit your day job fantasy” and the reality of Start Up life.


We also look at the flip side – the fun, the empowering, extraordinary & creative journey of a start up life with real rewards at the end. Frank and honest stories from: Jane Lu (Show Po) who went from faking going to work to impress her parents to creating a global e-commerce empire turning over $1million per month, Bec Derrington, CEO of Sourcebottle, propelled to start her media business when the Prime Minister uttered the future name of her company in the media.

Finally Daniel Flynn, Co Founder and Managing Director of Thankyou Group tells of his rollercoaster ride from enrolling investors in his social enterprise in the early days to now being awarded One of the Ten Most Outstanding People of the World.

YouTuber & Guest correspondent Frasier Green keeps the crowd entertained, sourcing crowd funding reward ideas for the Pock -it start up. Tech evangelist Robert Scoble makes a sneaky appearance with some hot tips for budding startups.

Guest Pitchers include:
TRIBALMIND Co Founder, Craig Martin
BRAND SPOT Co Founder, Amanda Watts
DADsCo Founder, Murray Gilbraith