What’s under the hood of a start up? What goes on with the nuts & bolts of business operations: The lawyers, the accountants and all the people at work behind the scenes. Do they become your best friends when a “deal is on the table”? Ever wanted to know what makes a great CEO, or really understand the jargon?

Returning guests Bronwen Clune, Seb Eckersley-Maslin CEO of incubator Blue Chilli and start up legal eagle Joel Cranshaw will be your translators, your savants, your guides to the secrets of solid leadership, due diligence and building legal, technical and financial foundations for long term success. Meanwhile we visit the POCK-IT headquarters as they “relocate” their offices. League of Extraordinary Women Guest Correspondent Chiquita Searle crowdstorms a CEO Job Title, and Special Guests Steve Huffman (Reddit), Joyce Kim (Stellar.org) and CEO Cameron Adams (Canva) give us “Tips from the Top”.

Guest Pitchers include:
WORK NINJA Co Founder, Matt Knee
MOODSWING CEO & Co Founder Jake McKeon
EPIC CATCH Founder, Meray Azar