We look at the last decade of companies who have changed the world who the new ones are. Do companies with such huge global reach and the economic might of countries, have obligations to make the world a better place? What is the future of companies ?

Are we heading towards Global Monoliths – creating Intrapreneuers innovating from within, or are we breaking up into a freelance world with everyone becoming an entrepreneur, enabled by start up tech platforms themselves?

Join Country Manager Sam Mc Donagh (Airbnb), tech foundry Digital4ge founder Jamie Pride, Startup AUS Co Director and Director of Fishburners Peter Bradd for a lively discussion about the future of startups.

Meanwhile, our “POCKIT” founders discover a new future of their own when they meet their first investor. Community Manager Hub Australia and Guest Correspondent George Siosi Samuels hits up the audience to crowdstorm ideas for a followup product to the POCKIT.

More tips from the Top with Justin Kan ( Co Founder, Y Combinator) Angel investor Tikhon Bermstam ( Pause, Scribd), news anchor of ‘The Project’, Waleed Aly, and Tracey Chou (Software engineer, Pinterest).

Guest Pitchers include:

IMERSOVRE CEO & Founder, Joel de Ross
START CAMPAIGNING, Founder Anthony Mockler